Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat: Fatawa of 100 mujtahid from iraq

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A book titled Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat contains the fatawa of 100 mujtahid from iraq.. following are a few from the book:
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 99
Allama Shiakh Khizar ibn Ashkal in Abwab ul Jinan
All the marasim of Azadari are permissable even if there is a danger to ones
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 102
Shaikh Mohammad Hussain Aalay Kashiful Ghita
Matam-e-Zanjeer ‘o’ Qama is Mustahab
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 107
Agha Sadiq Roohani ( Maraja Taqleed )
It is permissable even if there is a definate danger to ones life. these are
all Shiar-e-Hussaini which we have been ordered to follow
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 137
Shaikh Abdul AKreem Al Hairi
As far as the matter of using knifes etc is concerned if there is no danger
to ones life it is permissable and no one has any right to declare it
otherwise or forbid it.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 159
Syed Shahab ud deen Marashi
All tyoes of matam including Zanjeer and Qama are Jaiz and in present time
it is necessary and is responsible for increase in Thawab.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 198
Syed Taqi Tabatabai Qummi
All forms of Matam are jaiz including Zanjeer and Qama zani – it wont be
wrong if i say that it is Wajib Kifai. some people who say against these
things which is resulting in doubts about it are absolutely wrong infact
statements like these are haraam.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 202
Agha Nasir Makaram ShiraziIt is Jaiz and there is no doubt about it. At some
times it also becomes Wajib.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 225
Agha Mohiuddeen Mamqani
The Marasim in the mourning of Imam Husaain are compulsory in every time in
every place.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 261
Agha Syed Mohammad Ali Kazmaini Burojardi
All marasim-e-Aza are not only Jaiz or Mustahab but are compulsory
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 92 93
Agha Syed Murtaza Ferozabadi
It isWho ever says any thing against any Marasim-e-Aza or tries to give any
daleel against it is surelyf ar away from deen, ignorant and his legitimate
birth is doubtful.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 97
what ever Agha naeeni has said regarding permissibility of Matam-e-Zanjeer
and Qama is without doubt HAQ and no one will question it unless he is
SHAKKI in Nature.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 162
Agha Syed Mohammad Sadiq Rouhani
Who ever is in the shia community, it is WAJIB on them to do Seena Zani and
Zanjeer Zani and other Marasim-e-Aza. Believe me that the trumpets that are
blowing these days against seena zani and zanjeer zani with knifes etc which
says its not a good thing to do and against shariah – these are all tableeg
of ” Agyaar ” and ” Ullama Soo” who have been sold out agianst a few coins,
these are ” enemies of Deen”.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 189 , 190
Agha Syed Karamtullah Malik Hussaini
Who ever opens his mouth against Marasim-e-Aza which includes seena zani and
Zanjeer zani etc should be rejected thinking that he is an agent of anti
islam forces. He is a Fitna and enemy of Islam
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 192
Agha Syed Kazim Mar’ashi
What ever Ustaad Mohtaram Agha Naeeni has said in favour of Matam Zanjeer,
Qama and other types of marasim-e-azadari is absolutely correct and there is
no doubt in that. But the enemies of Deen and the ones who have been
misguided by shaitan laeen who have started tableeg agaisnt these things
should be rejected by all shias and shias should not take anything from them
and should not accept his influence in any thing
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 193
Agha Shiakh Ali Ghazi Shoharwardi
Who ever is a munkir of Azadari and marasim-e-azadari including blood
letting is munkir-e-zarooriyat-e-deen.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 208
Agha Syed Mohammad Mahdi Moosvi Khalkhali
Who ever raises doubts about Marasim-e-Aza including Matam-e-Qama etc are
suffering from ” soo-e-Feham ” and have BAD INTENTIONS.
Azadari Az deedgah-e-marajiyat page 210
Agha Ali Panah Ishtehardi
Who ever put up hurdles in the way of azadari and Marasim-e-Azadari have
shajrah-e-khabeesa and are the ones who have promised to oppose Aalay
Mohammad .

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