Muharram Campaign - Banners (Gujarati & English)

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Azadari Photos

Shahadat Imam Husain

10 Moharram

Shia Azadari

Ali asgar in karbala

Janabe Qasim mahendi

Gujarat Shia Azadari

Janabe Zainab in Karbala

Nadeem Sarwar Nauha

Azadari Fatwa

Ayatullah Sistani on Azadari

Azadari in Iran

Nauha Majlis

Indian Shia Azadari

2014 Nauha

New Nauha

Nauha Album release

Why Azadari?

Mumbai Matam

Matamdari in Karbala

Blood Matam

Imam Zamana Azadari

Hyderabad Azadari

Azadari in Gujarat

azadari imam hussain

muharram video

ziyarat al hussein

imam hussein photos

imam hussain t shirt

shia ashura

shia karbala

moharram images

roza imam husain

shahadat of imam hussain

muharram and ashura

Shia in Iran

Karbala Live Matam

  • Create and distribute Ashura ribbons to create an awareness 
  • If you get a chance to give a speech, include in it the sacrifice of Imam Hussain(as) and give the bigger picture of the purpose of the sacrifice.
  • Give out pamphlets on the message of Ashura which are simple and clear and could be understood by one who has no knowledge of the religion of Islam or Shiism.
  • Water bottle distribution on the day of Ashura. Stick paper on the water bottles with a saying of Imam Hussain (as) which reflects his wisdom.
  • Fight the misconceptions spread by the 'so called muslims' by following the example of Imam Hussain (as), may it be by the way of writings, artwork, discussions etc.
  • Tell the story of our Imam in a manner which others can relate to given the present circumstances.
  • Organize Hussain Day at your center and invite other Muslims and non-Muslims to it. 
  • The true mourning of Imam Hussain(as) has to be from the heart; if the heart is mourning, no one would have to tell us what to do or how to behave.
  • Organize mourning sessions (Majaalis) on the difficulties Imam Husain (a.s) faced. Shedding tears on Imam (a.s) is pious and great act.
May Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s), who will take revenge of Martyrs of #Karbala.

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